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Nunuza is a Zulu term of endearment … something like sweetie pie…

This blog is dedicated to enhacing and celebrating those sweet moments, affectionate moments. It was started by a group of young Blacks who want to  contribute to the use of Nguni languages on the internet. We are joining other Nguni speaking bloggers who have taken the initiative before us.

The writing on this blog is often frank, it can be challenging to some; but we believe that our sexuality and our cultural expressions of it are liberating, educational and we hold them close.

Most mainstream African language writing steers away from sexual topics; this is a legacy of missionary transcription of Black languages. Black languages have been used in literature to write about folklore, myths and tales, clan genealogies, history,  themes of class mobility and social change (rural to urban, traditional to modern), family intrigue and kinship battles for power, moral behaviour, social problems, or otherwise pious themes to create ‘good’ boring Victorianised Blacks who submit to authority.

Where writers have ventured into romance, then it remains constrained by the paradigm of propriety, there is hardly any sex, craziness or heat, or anything the rest of us see in our daily living!

These days the  Zulu language tabloids are breaking that tradition by writing more risque topics on celebrity shenanigans.

However, by and large, most Black language writing focusing on sex is found in government  and non-governmental pamphlets; sterile and didactic, focused on health. If Black language literature with sex themes  exists anywhere – WE HAVEN’T SEEN IT, PLEASE ALERT US TO IT SO WE CAN TELL PEOPLE ABOUT IT.

Sex is about pleasure; sex is a thrill but in our society, in South Africa, it has also been used a form of social and gender domination.

This must end. This blog promotes those positive, creative and beautiful elements of sex in society and we express it as we live it.

Please enjoy the blog; if you are conservative and find information about sexto be inappropriate; feel free to leave now – or maybe stay and learn a thing or two or three… :)

Share your views.Kodwa ungakhohlwa ukucondomiser… If you want to submit an article on your sexual experiences and views thumela i-email ku MYNUNUZA@GMAIL.COM

We will keep it anonymous! Articles max. 350 words.

Please note that this is not a commercial website; it is purely for the enjoyment of freedom of expression. No money gets made.

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  1. zinqa says:

    I will never tell who I am but I have pain inside me I am 28 addicted to sex I love it so much I would do anything to have sex with almost any girl.

    The weas part of it is sence I was born I have never been kissed, never been in love relaetionship, never had this sex I am crazy about, I have seen nudety (on tv/cellphone) I am feeling anrgy for all this lost time but still I can’t aproach a girl. Few came throwing them selfs around me but always something went wrong, a relationship would never even begine.

    Sometime I wish I could just go have fun with the prostitute but due to circumstanceis around me I just can’t.

    I have been tring to breack my frenulum (seach frnlm googles) for more than a year now I just can’t do it. This is a life I leave but many times I wonder if this even make sence, well consedoring the way I grew up it does a little beat.

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