Due to life pressure on the writers, it is currently difficult to update the website.
The website will be properly updated as soon as possible within the coming weeks.

Apologies to our readers. Please note that we do not do this for profit but to promote Nguni/African language
free writing.

If you think you can submit an article or your opinion on sex and love, please contact us with your piece at

We do not pay for your articles, we do not promise anything, we are not responsibe for what happens to it once it goes online, we cannot prevent it from being plagiarised and used without your permission.

We do not have to publish it simply because you submitted it.
We have to maintain some kind of control. Please see this page for more guidelines http://mynunuza.wordpress.com/about/

We are merely a platform for sharing. Please submit your isiZulu/ isiXhosa article to us asap!

Your article can be an opinion, or your experience.

We reserve the right to change names to ensure people are protected!

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